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The best colours to put with grey

Grey is still going strong in the interiors world and shows no signs of losing popularity.  Grey is a great choice for a carpet, a rug, paint colour,  window furnishings and furniture.  But what colours look best with grey without it becoming too grey and cold?  These are my choices of the best colours to put with grey.

1 – The best colour to put with grey…pink

In my opinion pink is the all time best friend of grey.  From traditional to modern interiors,  pink is the perfect complement to grey.  Pastel pinks in blush tones to bright candy pink, all shades look fabulous with grey.

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This grey bed has multiple tones of pink as accents, from coral to pastel pink. Styled by Leeder Interiors.

2- The best colours to put with grey…emerald green

The Pantone colour of the year, Emerald , looks stunning with tones of grey.  Emerald will add a vitality  and liveliness to a grey interior.  Paired with black and white, emerald is a fun accent colour to embrace.

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A dramatic combination of black, white, grey and emerald green. Image courtesy of

3- The best colours to put with grey…teal

This interior shows that when using bold colours such as teal, you don’t need to add much for the colour to have major impact.  Just a few touches here and there are enough to keep your interior interesting.

home design consultant
A hint of teal makes this space pop. Image courtesy of

4- The best colours to put with grey…orange

Orange often gets a bad rap. It can appear very retro if paired with brown, but put it with grey, hello cool interior.  Splashes of orange with darker charcoal tones can make for a sophisticated interior.

interior design heidelberg
This elegant interior with a hint of orange. Image courtesy of Greg Natale.

5- The best colours to put with grey…yellow

Not far behind pink is yellow, coming in a close second in the best friend stakes to grey.  Is your grey interior space flat and lifeless?  Add a hint of yellow and its instantly springtime.

This yellow sofa brings this grey toned apartment alive. Styled by Leeder Interiors.

6- The best colours to put with grey…neutral tones

In classic and traditional interiors, this combination exudes sophistication and luxury.  The white adds freshness and modernity to the space while the taupe/porridge tones add an earthy warmth to the grey.

interior design heidelberg
Classic neutral tones with grey. Image courtesy of

7- The best colours to put with grey…navy

Navy and grey are a match made in heaven.  With touches of white, the navy adds a masculine depth to an interior.  This interior shows that this combination succeeds with modern or traditional elements.

interior design heidelberg
This eclectic space has added elegance with the hint of navy. Image courtesy of