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5 ways to freshen and renew your space for the new year!


Often we neglect our bookshelves, and things just get added to and added to.  Before you know it, it’s mini chaos with no order.  Try colour blocking the books and adding the occasional knick knack (everyone has some goodies around the house worth displaying!) to break up the books. Treat your bookshelves as a work in constant progress, always evolving and changing with your tastes and moods. 


A single piece of artwork can sometimes look lonely and overlooked on a wall if its scale isn’t big enough.  Try adding multiple pieces of art and photography in different sizes to create a gallery space.  The pieces chosen don’t have to be expensive, simple prints in inexpensive frames can look just as effective. 


Adding flowers and greenery to a room can literally breathe life into it.  It needn’t be expensive blooms, but something that will have an impact.  I’m a big fan of Sweet Williams, from pinks to purples, you can pick up a bunch for $6 or so and they will last for several weeks.  Pompom Chrysanthemums is another flower that will just keep on keeping on!  Being quite large and the ball like quality to them means you only need 3 or 4 individual flowers to make a statement.  In smaller spaces, try a small cactus or succulent. 


Floor and table lamps can instantly change a space.  Not only does mood lighting add homeliness and atmosphere to a space, they also add an element of scale and proportion.  A statement lamp can be a feature in itself, regardless of its lighting qualities. 


We sometimes forget how much time we spend in bed.  There’s no better feeling than walking into your bedroom and seeing your bed look amazing and inviting.  Invest in some scatter cushions and a fancy throw to create a hotel feel at home.  Even adding European pillows to your existing pillows can have an effect.  If a throw is not for you, perhaps a coverlet is more your style. Covering the majority of the bed, a coverlet can be made to look casual or formal.  A layered bed with lots of elements says luxury all over it!