Colour of the moment…Pale Pink

Pale pink, blush pink, millennial pink, rose quartz…they’re all the same colour. Pale pink is very much a colour of the moment.  This pink has been super popular and doesn’t look like its popularity is waning.  It’s a calming, playful tone that can be used to add some much needed freshness to a space.  It sits well with many different colours but it has a few best friends.  Read on to see how your home can benefit from some pale pink.

1- Colour of the moment…Pale Pink 

This mid century styled living room looks gorgeous with its pink walls.  It’s a fresh, inviting space with loads of personality.  The dark walnut timber tones suit the pale pink well.

Mid century styled living room with Pink Walls
Image courtesy of www.apartmenttherapy.com

2 – Colour of the moment…Pale Pink 

Some people think the use of pink can be too pretty or feminine.  It doesn’t need to be that way.  That’s where grey comes in.  If pink were to have a best friend, grey is it.  Followed closely by green and timber tones.  This space is a balanced example of grey and pink sitting together.

A living room with grey sofa and pink accents
Styling by Leeder Interiors

3- Colour of the moment…Pale Pink  

Pale pink looks lovely with lots of white.  This is a more feminine application, so not for everyone. Gold accents are a lovely complement to pink also.

A white bathroom with a pink vanity
Image courtesy of www.safferstone.com

4- Colour of the moment…Pale Pink 

Pink in the form of velvet is super popular.  There’s something about velvet in pinkish hues that people can’t get enough of.  Here is an example with another colour that loves pink, green. Be it in bright hues or cooler olive/khaki tones, they’re a match made in heaven.

A grey living room with a pale pink sofa and olive green ottoman
Image courtesy of www.clemaroundthecorner.com